Information for Keto-Beam™ Affiliates

Affiliate Program Overview

Welcome to the Keto-Beam™ Affiliate Program. We hope it will prove to be a great vehicle for you to build a business or simply earning credit towards the purchase of your own Keto-BEAM products. Below are the details.

Affiliate Program Opt-in: All current Keto-Beam™ customers have the opportunity to become a Keto-BEAM Affiliate, provided they fulfill the prerequisites. Please see Affiliate Prerequisites, Requirements and Application section below.

No Purchase Requirements: There are no monthly purchasing requirements for Affiliates.   Please note that there are no special product discounts for Affiliates.

Affiliate Program Structures: The Keto-Beam Affiliate Program is a straight forward program that provides a 15% commission for Affiliates on all purchases made by their customers.

Evergreen Earning Profile:
The Keto-BEAM Affiliate program provides "evergreen" earnings, which means that our system links your customers with you forever. Every time one of your customer's makes a purchase, you get the credit! No matter how long it has been since they ordered, or whether or not they came to our site via your Affiliate link.

Affiliate Links: The Affiliate program primarily works via Affiliate web links, which are provided to you when you are accepted as an Affiliate. Affiliate links are customizable.

Affiliate Discount Coupons: Each Affiliate is given a personalized 20% OFF discount coupon code (for 1st time purchases). Coupon codes are customizable. Commissions are given on Sales via coupon codes, but customers are not linked to the Affiliate (for evergreen commissions), unless they come to the Keto-BEAM site via the Affiliate's link.

Affiliate Payments: Affiliates will have the option of being paid for their accrued commissions or using their Affiliate commissions towards online purchases.
Here are the basics of the program:

      • Accrued commissions up to $100 will be accrued, or provided back to the Affiliate via a Keto-BEAM Gift Card, which may be applied to their online purchases.
      • Accrued commissions above $100 will be provided to the Affiliate via PayPal or check (whichever the Affiliate chooses) on the 10th of the month after the period closing date (end of a month).
      • Please note that there are no special product discounts for being an Affiliate. However, you can apply your Affiliate commissions to your product orders. This must be done by contacting with your order request.

Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate Back-Office: Once registered, each Affiliate will gain access to their mobile-friendly Back- Office page, which will show their earnings, affiliate link and other information.

Cool Affiliate Tools: Through the Affiliate Back-Office it is possible to send your friends your Affiliate link, or even send them links to specific products that might interest them.

Performance Rewards: We reserve the right to acknowledge our high-performing affiliates with free product, special discounts, free gifts and other signs of our deepest appreciation and LOVE!

Affiliate Prerequisites, Requirements and Application

We would LOVE to have you as a Keto-BEAM Affiliate. To keep it special, we require that you must:

      1. Be a regular Keto-BEAM user: This is so that you can genuinely recommend our products by telling people about your personal experience with them.
      2. Have a minimum of 5K social followers, email subscribers, or monthly website views.


To request an Affiliate position with Keto-BEAM email your request to Caroline:

We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you!


Affiliate Policies and Procedures

To access NamanaLiri Affiliate Policies and Procedures click HERE.