Caroline Alan and Dan Howard founded Keto-BEAM after the evolution of its original brand NamanaLiri.

NamanaLiri means “friendship” and “freedom.” With the ideals of freedom, friendship and co-creation through Sacred Commerce, they offered essential oils, minerals and other unique artisanal products that provided wellness and vitality to everyday living.


In 2018, Caroline and Dan started to incorporate ketogenic diet practices into their daily routine and found many benefits to their overall health. Inspired by the their own Keto journey, they founded Keto-BEAM to provide plant-based nutrients of electrolytes and mineral supplements.

Keto-BEAM offers a range of various products to provide supplements for ketogenic diets and to improve general wellness. Keto-BEAM continues to uphold the principles and foundation of a conscious company brand that actively sets the intention to nurture positive values, relationships, and experiences.


Keto Journey

Once you decide to embark on your individual Keto journey, there may be no turning back as the benefits may surprise you! The benefits of Keto go beyond weight loss, and there have been studies conducted that it may reduce risk of certain cancers, improve heart health, protect brain functions and improve the overall health. Keto-BEAM values your conscious effort to improve your health and to share your journey with others.


Keto-BEAM provides rich-nutrient, quality-taste (taste-less) products to support you in your Keto journey. We strive for a SMART model:

      • S – Synergetic – Products that cooperatively work with your health regimen
      • M – Matter – Material substances make up our products
      • A - Adaptogenic – Promotes systemic homeostasis
      • R – Resonate – Produces a resonating vibration
      • T – Transformative – Provides a transformative experience


Keto-BEAM aims to provide up-to-date ketogenic dietary information as well as general material to spread awareness of a balanced health regimen.


Keto-BEAM aims to provide support for your Keto journey and foster a network to build a Keto community.


Keto-BEAM aims to offer our products at an affordable rate to have your own individual experience and embark on your Keto journey.


Our team is small but mighty. Based in Portland, Oregon, we are an eclectic group that bands together to produce, package and provide support for your individual Keto journey. We are advocates of positive lifestyle changes to improve your own well-being to thrive.