Keto-BEAM Subscription Program
Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to any customer electing to participate in Keto-BEAM’s optional product Subscription program.

1. I acknowledge that my participation in the Keto-BEAM Subscription Plan is strictly optional and that I will continue to be charged for and receive products on a monthly or bi-monthly basis at my designated shipping address until I change or cancel my Subscription order.

2. Subscription orders are processed as scheduled in the system, on the “Order Date”. Keto-BEAM will ship all Subscription orders within two (2) business days of the Order Date. New Subscription orders must be received by Keto-BEAM™ at least two (2) business days before the Order Date. You may choose to modify your Subscription order at any time as long as your update is completed at least five (2) days before the Order Date.

3. Keto-BEAM is not responsible for delays in the delivery of a Subscription order caused by Federal Express or any other carrier service, public or private.

4. Keto-BEAM subscription orders may also be created, changed or canceled via the Customer Service phone service, or via the Internet. Subscription orders must be paid with a credit card, debit card, or an automated bank draft, which will be debited when the monthly or bi-monthly order is created.

5. Keto-BEAM is not responsible for inaccurate banking or billing information.

6. You are responsible for any declined payments as well as the resulting fees. If your card is declined when your Subscription order is processed, you will not receive your Subscription order.

7. Keto-BEAM will cancel any Subscription agreement that is subject to a consumer credit card charge back.

8. Your Subscription Agreement will remain in effect until you: (1) elect to alter or change any aspect of this Agreement by updating your Subscription profile on the website, or (2) send, in writing, your cancellation of this Agreement to Keto-BEAM via email at (Notice must include your signature, printed name, and address). Any notice of cancellation sent to KetoBEAM™ must be received at least five (5) days prior to Order Date in order to avoid charges for that month. If a cancellation notice is received fewer than five (5) days prior to the scheduled processing of your order, cancellation will become effective the following month.

9. All Subscription creation requests must have the billing address of the credit card, debit card, or bank account. Any information found to be incorrect will render the Subscription request invalid, and the request will need to be resubmitted.

10. Any Subscription order that is refused delivery will be canceled and will be issued a refund upon receipt. © 2020 Keto-BEAM 2
Keto-BEAM processing fees will be deducted from all refunds issued on returned Subscription, including refused deliveries.

11. By placing a Subscription product order, you authorize Keto-BEAM to charge your designated account for payment for your subscription orders as specified in the product description, including shipping and handling as noted. Your Subscription order will remain in effect until you contact Keto-BEAM via one of the methods listed above to change, cancel or temporarily suspend your order. Notice of cancellation must be received at least five (5) business days prior to the Order Date in order to avoid charges for that month. If a cancellation notice is received within such time period, cancellation will become effective in the month following the month of notice of cancellation.