The Advanced Support Set

  • The Advanced Support Set
  • The Advanced Support Set
  • The Advanced Support Set

Instagram Testimonials

@keto_clacksman After taking @keto-beam every day, I can honestly say that I haven't had any headaches. I feel great! Most of the time on Keto I have headaches. Thanks Keto-BEAM for making me feel great!

@canhazcheezburger I was a bit skeptical, since a lot of “flavorless” things have a flavor that isn't good. This is truly flavorless. I mixed them in my water and I can't taste them at all! I Highly recommend!

@kimspossibilities Before I stumbled across @ketobeam my legs would twitch all day & at night I experienced horrible leg and feet cramps. Now, I no longer deal with cramps. I can't recommend Keto-BEAM enough!

@mdocs5 I started taking my @ketobeam yesterday. And it's amazing! I didn't hit that 3pm tiredness, my headache is gone and I think I am in LOVE with @ketobeam!

@lowcarbllama I had been on Keto for 2.5 years before trying @ketobeam. I always felt like Keto got me 85%, but I felt like something was missing. Since starting @ketobeam my energy is sky high! It’s a game-changer.

@keto_buns I seriously missed ONE DAY and had a headache the entire day! I love my @ketobeam. Once you start, you will never want to live without it!

@adro1st Shouting from the rooftops – THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE!!!! They are so convenient and have made the difference in my keto journey 100%. @ketobeam has made me feel 1000 times better!

@_pooler I absolutely LOVE these products! What a difference they make while fasting!

@andeepete I am so grateful for @ketobeam. It’s what keeps me going strong every day. It’s the perfect addition to my morning routine

@shell_lo Every morning I take it in a shot glass. I love the increase in my energy and the effect it has on my mood! I’ll be taking @ketobeam for the foreseeable future.

@iamjoelhaney I’m a HUGE fan of @ketobeam, not only because it makes me feels so good, but because it ended my nightly leg cramps. I don’t get leg cramps at all anymore, not one! I highly recommend Keto-BEAM.

@quiquezilver If you don't want to experience Keto flu . . . then you’ve gotta have these supplements!!! Don't believe me, just try it and you’ll see for yourself!

@2specialk1040 I just received my first order a week ago & I am in LOVE. I have been on keto for 1.5 years – I lost 85 lbs in 7 months and have maintained it all this time . . . @ketobeam is a gamechanger! I love this stuff!!! I feel like it’s a Brainiac invention. Mad genius meets anatomic science. Thank you!

@mkpbeautiful Love these both! I was struggling bad! Such a help, a lifesaver, really! Thank you!

@shawn_rae @ketobeam took away all my leg cramps!!! And I feel sooo much better. Thanks for doing what you do👏👏👏


The Advanced Support Set


Advanced Electrolyte & Micronutrient Maintenance & Support

These plant-based liquid fulvic electrolyte and humic micronutrient supplements provide the ultimate support for a healthy Keto experience. 


This Advanced Keto Support Set provides the electrolytes and micro-nutrients you'll need to maintain a ketogenic diet without the side effects of the Keto flu.

These two products work together to provide the perfect source of electrolytes, trace minerals, micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids to support a healthy and vibrant Keto diet.  Their ionic liquid format makes them an exceptionally bio-available source of necessary supplements.

Their mild- pleasant flavor makes them particularly easy to consume. We're so sure you'll agree that we provide a TASTES GREAT Guarantee!



The BEAM in Keto-BEAM means – Best Electrolytes and Micronutrients!

What’s so special about Keto-BEAM products?   Let us break it down for you . . .


#1 – Completely Plant-based products

It’s common for commercial electrolytes and mineral supplements to be chemically sourced from salts, rocks, chalk and egg shells. The human body doesn't easily assimilate these elements. Keto-BEAM electrolytes and micro-nutrients come from ancient plant deposits and are available to the cells in the form Mother Nature intended.

#2 – LIQUID Ionized Complexes

Powdered electrolytes and trace minerals are not ionized. That means that your body has to dissolve them in order for them to be available for assimilation. Keto-BEAM electrolytes and micro-nutrients are 100% dissolved, making them immediately bio-available, so they go to work as soon as you ingest them.

#3 – Completely Pure & Natural

The use of chemicals and harsh processes used in the manufacturing of most electrolytes and minerals renders the resulting products much less beneficial to the body. The plant-based fulvic electrolytes and humic micronutrients in Keto-BEAM supplements are extracted via a unique proprietary process that preserves the integrity of the precious electrolytes. Absolutely no chemicals are used . . . Ever!

#4 – Taste Great Guarantee

Because of the method of manufacture and the completely pure and natural origins of Keto-BEAM liquid electrolytes and micronutrients are super easy to consume. ELECTROLYZE has a pleasing golden hue that is nearly flavorless and though MICRO-BOOST has a deep rich hue, similar to a cup of coffee or dark tea, both products have mild pleasant flavors that make them surprisingly easy to consume. We're so sure you'll agree that we provide a GREAT TASTE Guarantee!