Please read the the Affiliate Program Overview and fill out the information below to complete your Keto-BEAMER Affiliate Program Agreement.



A KB Affiliate is an active individual in the Keto community that acts as a brand ambassador for Keto-BEAM. An Affiliate has the potential to earn monthly commissions by sharing their experience with the product on social media (Instagram) and further educating the others of the Keto lifestyle.


  1. You are a regular consumer of Keto-BEAM products. Keto-BEAM is a part of your daily regimen and supporting you along your keto journey.
  2. You are an active public figure in the Keto community with a minimum of 10k social followers, email subscribers, or monthly website views.
  3. You want to become more involved and support the Keto-BEAM community by promoting the Keto-BEAM brand and bringing in monthly sales. Note: Affiliates who earn zero commission in a three-month period will be requested to opt-out of the Affiliate program.


Active KB Affiliates receive the following benefits:

  1. Commission: KB Affiliates receive a 15% commission on all purchases made by their customers using their affiliate link or discount code.
  2. Free Product: KB Affiliates receive free Electrolyze, Micro-BOOST, and Insta-Lytes, for their personal, use as long as they are actively participating in the program.
  3. Affiliate Dashboard: Once onboarded to the KB Affiliate Program, each KB Affiliate will gain access to their mobile-friendly dashboard page to monitor customers, monthly earnings, affiliate link and discount code
  4. Performance Rewards: Based on performance, Keto-BEAM will recognize high-performing KB Affiliates quarterly with special gifts to show our appreciate of being an ambassador of our brand.


Upon meeting the basic criteria to become a KB Affiliate, the participation requirements are as follows:


  • 1 post static feed/month – A static post is a great way to provide information that can be seen by people who follow an Instagram Handle (e.g. @ketobeam). Static post captions make it possible to provide more in-depth information to explain in a caption and share with greater audiences over time.
  • 3-5 live stories/month – A regular post to live stories show real-time engagements! Keto-BEAM encourages KB Affiliates to show their audiences taking their daily Keto-BEAM shots! This is a great way to demonstrate to followers how to use the product as well as share a personal experience!
  • 5-7 comments & mentions/month – Comments and mentions are opportunities to show support in a conversation and dropping a line to refer people to KB product.
  • Feature Keto-BEAM as a highlight (repost to be top 4) – Create a highlight to allow followers easily access Keto-BEAM from a profile. This is also an opportunity to share expired stories that followers may have missed out on. We request that you repost this highlight as necessary to keep it as one of your top 4 highlights.
  • Feature Keto-BEAM in (repost to be top 5) – Feature Keto-BEAM in to share Keto-BEAM as a brand to follow. We request that you repost to your as necessary to keep it as one of your top.
  • Submit a KB Affiliate Accountability Check-in – Each month KB Affiliates are asked to submit their engagement activity to be held accountable and both ends of the agreement are met. Keto-BEAM appreciates the support that Affiliates bring to Keto-BEAM and aim to create long, lasting relationships. Quarterly, Keto-BEAM will recognize top-performing Affiliates.


A KB Affiliate is NOT solely measured by the amount of sales brought in. For this reason, Keto-BEAM has not set targets for what kind of sales KB Affiliates must generate. However, Keto-BEAM does ask KB Affiliates to generate something as it is a direct result of personal engagement in the program. KB Affiliates who earn zero commission in a three-month period will be discontinued from the Affiliate Program and recommended to join the BEAMER Rewards Program.
NOTE: All agreements between Keto-BEAM and Affiliates are strictly confidential including the percentage, amount of commissions earned, and free product received.


  1. Affiliate Links: The KB Affiliate program primarily works via affiliate web links. This link is provided when a prospect is onboarded to the program. These links can be customized to fit the consistency of an Instagram handle (if applicable).
  2. Evergreen Commissions: When customers use an affiliate link to access the Keto-BEAM website, the system connects them with the Affiliate's profile (as your customer). This is referred to as “Evergreen Commissions” as all future purchases by that customer will be tracked to your commission account.
  3. Affiliate Discount Coupons: Each KB Affiliate is provided a personalized 20% OFF discount coupon code to share. Coupon codes are customizable. A 15% commission is given on each coupon code sale.


KB Affiliates earn 15% commission on all sales they brought in by their affiliate link or discount code.


Payments will be made via PayPal to KB Affiliates on the 10th of each month.

NOTE: KB Affiliates are required to have a PayPal account to receive their commission payments.



KB Affiliates are expected to operate according to the highest standards of integrity and fair practice. Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics can result in termination as a KB Affiliate.
The Code of Ethics, therefore, states that you will:

  • Conduct yourself in an honest, ethical manner
  • Make no representations about the benefits affiliated with Keto-Beam™ products other than those contained in officially - approved corporate literature and videos
  • Support and encourage customers to ensure that their experience with Keto-Beam™ is successful
  • Refrain from discussing personal income potential related to being a KB Affiliate
  • Not make disparaging remarks about other products, services, affiliate programs, or companies; likewise, I will not willfully denigrate the activities or personalities of fellow KB Affiliates
  • Abide by all of the Policies and Procedures of Keto-Beam™ as included herein, or as may be amended from time to time


Affiliates who sign this Agreement are required to have read the Affiliate Policies and Procedures as posted on the Keto-BEAM website. Acceptance of this agreement is acceptance of the complete version.

By signing this document, you are agreeing to all terms and policies listed above. Please read thoroughly and carefully!

Thank you!
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