Keto-BEAM: Advanced Keto Support

Keto-BEAM liquid fulvic & humic complexes provide the support you need to have a healthy Keto experience, without the need for most other powders, pills and salts. The electrolytes and minerals in Keto-BEAM products are plant-based, making them easily assimilated by the human body. Because they are liquid and 100% ionized, they are extraordinarily bio-available. This makes them particularly effective in providing the necessary electrolytes and minerals to sustain optimal cellular function in the body. We use only the most-pure reverse-osmosis de-ionized carbon-filtered water in our products and ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals are used during production. . . EVER!

ELECTROLYZE™:   Electrolyte-balance support for Keto . . . and LIFE!

Keep your electrolytes balanced and at healthy levels as your body enters and maintains ketosis. Electrolyze is a liquid fulvic complex that provides super-charged electrolytes plus 70+ trace minerals and amino acids.

• Extraordinary electrolyte support for Keto

• Boosts body’s innate energy production systems

• Supports nutrient assimilation

• Curb sugar cravings

• Activates metabolism

• Replace salts and powdered electrolytes

Electrolyze provides all the electrolyte support you'll need to energize your life and sustain a healthy Ketogenic experience. No more pills and powders, just 1 oz per day.  


Electrolyze has a pleasing golden hue that is nearly flavorless and easy to consume. We're so sure you'll agree that we provide a TASTES GREAT Guarantee!

What are Fulvic Electrolytes?

Fulvic Electrolyte Complexes are minerals that naturally provide foundational cellular support for the body. Specifically, they stimulate optimal metabolism by providing transport for nutrients into and bio-waste out of the cells. Electrolyze boosts the body's innate energy production systems, by delivering nutrients directly into the cells.


MICRO-BOOST™:   Micro-nutrient support for Keto . . . and LIFE!

Use this liquid micro-nutrient supplement as support when you're experiencing the body aches and cramping associated with keto-flu. MICRO-BOOST detoxes the body from waste released when fat cells are metabolized during ketosis.

• Supports natural detoxification

• Encourage digestive well-being

• Eliminates Keto-flu aches

• Promotes restful sleep

• Promotes elimination

• Supports a healthy immune system

MICRO-BOOST provides all the trace mineral and micro-nutrient support you'll need to keep your cells functioning optimally during your ketogenic experience. No more pills, powders or bitter liquids.

MICRO-BOOST has a deep rich hue, similar to a cup of coffee or dark tea, yet the flavor is surprisingly mild and pleasant. We're so sure you'll agree that we provide a TASTES GREAT Guarantee!

What are Humic Mineral Complexes?

Humic mineral complexes are best known for their extraordinary detoxification effects, carrying bio-waste, toxins and free-radicals out of the body. . . making them the Mother Nature's finest anti-oxidant. The humic mineral complexes in MICRO-BOOST are key to sustaining healthy ketosis and are the "go-to" supplement when you are experiencing body aches and cramping associated with keto-flu.