@keto_clacksman After taking @keto-beam every day, I can honestly say that I haven't had any headaches. I feel great! Most of the time on Keto I have headaches. I suck at getting in my electrolytes. Thanks Keto-BEAM for making me feel great! Have you all tried this?

@canhazcheezburger I was a bit skeptical, since a lot of “flavorless” things have a flavor that isn't good. This is truly flavorless. I mixed them in my water and I can't taste them at all! Much easier to swallow than my giant capsules too! I Highly recommend!

@kimspossibilities Before I stumbled across @ketobeam my legs would twitch all day and night long and at night I experienced horrible leg and fee cramps that interrupted my sleep. Now, I no longer deal with leg cramps. I can't recommend Keto-BEAM enough!

@mdocs5 I started taking my @ketobeam yesterday. And it's amazing! I didn't hit that 3pm tiredness, my headache is gone and I think I am in LOVE with @ketobeam!

@lowcarbllama I had been on Keto for 2.5 years before trying @ketobeam. I always felt like keto got me 85%, but it always felt like something was missing. Since starting @ketobeam my energy is sky high and I don't ever have those nasty keto flu symptoms anymore.

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@adro1st Shouting from the rooftops – THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE!!!! They are so convenient and have made difference in my keto journey 100%. I follow OMAS and was having trouble staying energized. @ketobeam has made me feel 1000 times better!

@_pooler I absolutely LOVE these products! What a difference they make while fasting!

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@iamjoelhaney I’m a HIGE fam of @ketobeam, not only because it makes me feels so good, but because it ended my almost nightly leg cramps. Today, since taking @ketobeam I don’t get leg cramps at all, not one! I highly recommend anyone feeling Keto-flu symptoms to try Keto-BEAM. I am a going to be a @ketobeam lifer!

@quiquezilver If you don't want to experience Keto flu . . . then you’ve gotta have these supplements!!!

@2specialk1040 I just received my first order a week ago & I am in LOVE. I have been on keto for 1.5 years – I lost 85 lbs in 7 months and have maintained it all this time. I am telling you @ketobeam is a gamechanger!

@keto.in.the.yoop I love this stuff!!! I feel like it’s a Brainiac invention. Mad genius meets anatomic science. Thank you!

@mkpbeautiful Love these both! I was struggling bad! Such a help, a lifesaver, really! Thank you!

@shawn_rae @ketobeam took away all my leg cramps!!! And I feel sooo much better. Thanks for doing what you do👏👏👏