Misting Spray Bundle



    Misting Spray Bundle


    Enjoy this misting spray bundle that includes:

    • Insta-Lytes (2oz)
    • Happy-Lytes (2oz)
    • Respra-Lytes (2oz)


    1. Insta-Lytes™: Electrolyte Misting Spray
      Insta-Lytes™ provides 100% bio-available electrolytes directly where you need them most. Just spray it on or breathe it in! The electrolytes in Insta-Lytes™ start working immediately to resolve cramps, eliminate body aches, clear lactic acid and detox the cells.

    2. Happy-Lytes™: Mood-Lifting Electrolyte  Misting Spray

      Happy-Lytes is a rejuvenating electrolyte misting spray with the added bonus of 100% pure therapeutic grade Bergamot Essential Oil.  When breathed in, the electrolytes give the body a boost, while the Bergamot provides a natural mood boost!  

      Kids, and the kids inside adults, LOVE this spray!

    3. Respra-Lytes™: Sinus-Opening Electrolyte Misting Spray

      Respra-Lytes is an electrolyte misting spray infused with a proprietary blend of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils - Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary erbenone, Black Spruce, Bitter Orange and Ho Wood. A mix of fulvic mineral complex, with it's the anti-inflammatory properties and essential oils that support breathing, Respra-lytes can be a great addition during the flu and allergy seasons.


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